AmSafe Bridport

AmSafe Bridport

AmSafe Bridport are leaders in designing and manufacturing engineered textile solutions for the defence and aerospace markets.

Tarian technology has been developed in response to requirements from military users for a lightweight, higher performance and more robust alternative to traditional, heavy, metal bar Anti-RPG protection systems and other less flexible modern alternatives. The core element of the Tarian RPG defeat mechanism is an extremely strong textile net manufactured from high-tenacity fibres. Tarian nets are attached to vehicles using innovative flexible mounts that enable the system to withstand harsh vehicle operating conditions without sustaining damage.

AmSafe Bridport supplies Tarian Anti-RPG armour systems to the UK Ministry of Defence and to the Danish Defence forces for a wide range of wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles. In addition to these two major NATO forces AmSafe Bridport has a number of confidential supply contracts and is currently participating in the selection process for a number of high profile customers.

Both NATO contract awards followed an international competition where Tarian was selected after a programme of rigorous testing and trials, including live firing and vehicle field trials.

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