26 - 27 June 2018 | New Delhi, India

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US Army Vehicle Acquisition: Lieutenant General Michael Williamson

Lt Gen Williamson is military deputy to the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology and director of Acquisition Career Management. Here, he speaks to Defence IQ's Richard de Silva about the current armoured vehicle procurement strategy as it wrestles with budget constraints and issues of interoperability.

Armoured Vehicle Developments: Brigadier (Retired) Ben Barry, IISS

Brigadier (Rtd) Ben Barry, OBE, Senior Fellow Land Warfare, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), discusses the dynamic changes taking place in the global armoured vehicles domain, including the address of balance between light and heavy vehicles and the manner in which artillery is impacting the field, particularly in relation to the conflicts in Eastern Ukraine and the Middle East.


Why attend a Defence IQ Armoured Vehicles conference?

The International Armoured Vehicles conference series began in the UK this year, and across 2014, will travel to Brazil, Estonia, Ethiopia and more! Missed the event? View the video and discover what Defence IQ delivered for the global community and book your place at one of our next market-leading conferences...

Brigadier General Bodgan Tworkowski, NATO Allied Land Command HQ

Speaking at IAV 2014, Brig Gen Bodgan Tworkowski, Deputy Chief of Staff, Support, NATO Allied Land Command HQ, explains how useful the Armoured Vehicles conference is to him as he has witnessed the industry move from being a local market to a global one, in which ideas and partnerships are more frequently executed on a multinational level.