Armoured Vehicles India 2013: Presented by Defence IQ

19 - 20 November, 2013

Sheraton New Delhi Hotel, New Delhi , India

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  • Indian armoured vehicle requirements and programmesIndian armoured vehicle requirements and programmes
    With a diverse range of terrain types and potential threats, the Indian Army is actively seeking solutions which will increase operational capabilities for both their current and future armoured vehicles fleets. Defence IQ has researched the key programmes and requirements currently on the Indian Defence Ministry’s books and presented them here in this table.


  • Indian Mechanised Force perspective on value of armoured vehicle discussionsIndian Mechanised Force perspective on value of armoured vehicle discussions
    Lieutenant General (Rtd) Dalbir Singh Sidhu was the Indian Army’s Director General of Mechanized Forces until October 2012. He spoke at the Armoured Vehicles conference to update the international delegation on how his country is reviewing the land force capability and the integration of available technologies. India has the biggest forward growth in the armoured vehicles market, as well as one of the largest mechanised fleets in the world, but Singh sees the global industry driving even more specialised capabilities.


  • Revealing India's future armoured vehicles landscape
    This feature will explore how the future of India’s armoured vehicle market is likely to evolve over the next decade. It is based on a survey of senior executives and professionals within the armoured vehicle domain, which includes both commercial and military respondents. The majority of survey respondents were from the commercial sector, accounting for 69% of total responses. Military personnel form the remaining 31% (Figure 1), which includes ranking Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, and Captains. Looking at the chart, the United States had the highest representation in the survey (19%) followed by the UK (13%). A significant number of respondents are based in Asia with India having the highest proportion (12%) followed by Australia (8%) and Singapore (5%). Capabilities and requirements Countering the IED threat is the most important armoured vehicle attribute for Asian requirements according to survey respondents, with 54% revealing that blast protection is
  • Defence Offset Guidelines – A Languorous Journey So FarDefence Offset Guidelines – A Languorous Journey So Far
    August 2013
    Amit Cowshish, analyst and member of India's Defence Procurement Board, reflects on the nation's offset policy amendments of 2012 and whether action has effectively been taken over the past year to remedy several key hurdles within defence procurement. [Originally published by Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses]
  • How stable is the Sino-Indian border?How stable is the Sino-Indian border?
    August 2013
    As India and China attempt to finalise the Border Defence Cooperation Agreement (BDCA), it is worth questioning just how much this resolution can affect bi-lateral diplomacy as both sides continue to invest heavily on armoured vehicles, infantry and air support along the Line of Actual Control. India's threat perception for the future will be outlined at the Armoured Vehicles India conference.
  • Analysis of New Defence Offset PolicyAnalysis of New Defence Offset Policy

    August 2012
    Owing to its dynamic defense climate, India is fast becoming a favored destination for Global OEM’s and vendors for defense related investment. This latest analysis of the offset policy is by Aviotech’s Defense Advisory and Investments team, our market intelligence partner on this year’s Armoured Vehicles India conference.

  • "Tanked Up": Asia-Pacific Main Battle Tank Programme Update "Tanked Up": Asia-Pacific Main Battle Tank Programme Update

    August 2012
    Up until recently there were some commentators, and even some militaries, who predicted the days of the main battle tank (MBT) were numbered. For the Asian-Pacific region, this is proving not to be the case, as investment into new platforms and major upgrades or repurposing can be seen across the spectrum. Gordon Arthur reports for Defence Review Asia. To subscribe to the online magazine, visit

  • Indigenous Armoured Fighting Vehicle Pushes Indian Army Into the 21st Century

    The science of armoured warfare in the modern age is shaped by two factors: terrain (which impacts mobility) and the nature of the threat (which determines the nature of armour). Indian Army armoured fighting vehicles are aggressively addressing these criteria and are doing so on an indigenous basis - both for production and for deployment. Colonel AK Sharma is a former Armour Battalion Commander and current Dean of Faculty of Technical Studies for the Indian Army. On the docket are discussions about night fighting capability, crew coordination and incorporation of new assets and contracts for the Indian Army.